bow down (leadernim) wrote,

Let's Get a Little Fucked Up (one shot)

Title: Let's Get a Little Fucked Up
Author: leadernim
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: main Kai/D.O/Suho; brief Kai/Luhan, Suho/Luhan, Kai/Kris
Length: 6K+ words
Summary: A collection of moments in the lives of three people who love others more than they love themselves.
A/N: Plotless. It was originally supposed to be a naughty writing exercise and turned into...this. Nevertheless, enjoy.

A few weeks after college classes let out, Jongin walked into the kitchen of his shared apartment with scratches down his back.

Over his breakfast of a cigarette and half a bowl of cold noodles, Joonmyun whistled. "What the fuck did you get into last night?"

"It's more like who." Jongin winked and opened the fridge, turning to give Joonmyun a better look of his marked back. "He really did a number on me, right? I think I might just go back."

"Who was is it this time? The cute Chinese kid with the doll eyes? The annoying fucker who rammed his cheap ass car into mine last week?"

"Nope." Jongin's grin was so close to being a shit eating one Joonmyun could almost taste it in his mouth. "Remember that really tall, demonic looking Chinese guy with the huge fucking hands who I told you gave the best head on campus?"

Joonmyun’s eyes shone with his skepticism. "You didn't..."

Jongin laughed, "Fuck yeah I did. He was good too. I've never been thrown around so hard in my entire life. That guy makes it hard to want to be on top again, now that I know what it's really like--"

"Please," Joonmyun dismissed the statement with a wave of his hand. "Soon enough, you'll breathe down Kyungsoo's neck and grope his ass as you always do."

"Hm." Jongin pulled out a carton of milk from the refrigerator and drank straight from its mouth like the pig he was. "You might have something there, hyung, but you've never really bottomed before. You should try Kris. He's a fucking monster."

"I'll pass."

A few minutes later, Kyungsoo stumbled into the kitchen, sweat pants low on his hips. Mouth bruises blossomed on the column of his neck.

Jongin looked him over, "Shit. Looks like I wasn't the only one attacked last night."

Kyungsoo, rubbing his eyes, sleepily blinked up at Jongin. "Ah? Can I have some milk, please?"

"Sure thing. Want some from my mouth? I can guarantee it'll taste better."

With a little hum and a shrug, Kyungsoo was pulled into Jongin's arms.

Their little impromptu make out session lasted only until Joonmyun cleared his throat and smiled sweetly at them, putting out his cigarette. "Kyungsoo, you haven't even told me good morning yet. Is that any way to treat your hyung?"

Jongin rolled his eyes, "Jealous cunt," and pushed Kyungsoo away from him, turning back to the refrigerator to look for something to eat.

"Forget him," Joonmyun said, patting his lap. "Did you sleep well?"

''I did." Kyungsoo sat on Joonmyun's lap and picked at his noodles, shivering when Joonmyun pressed his lips to the back of his neck. "Does hyung want to play again tonight too?"

"Oh yes," Joonmyun smirked. "And Jongin will most certainly join us."

"You're such a cunt, Joonmyun," Jongin snorted, shaking his head. "Fine but I'm not gonna go down easy, if you know what I mean."

"I'm looking forward to it," Joonmyun said truthfully, lowering his dark eyes to the marks on Kyungsoo’s neck.

Already, they were starting to fade.   

Jongin didn’t go down easy but by the time they’re all in someone’s bed, Joonmyun’s too stoned and tipsy to care. A squirming Kyungsoo again sat in Joonmyun’s lap as Jongin sucked him off, dark fingers keeping his plush thighs spread wide.

This was the only condition on which Joonmyun liked to watch and not do much work.

Jongin went to town on Kyungsoo like the good little cock slut Joonmyun knew he was and Kyungsoo whimperd, bucking up in Joonmyun’s lap and rubbing his ass on Joonmyun’s thick erection.

“F-Fuck,” former alter boy and boy scout Do Kyungsoo moaned, tossing his head as the pressure builds. Beneath him, Jongin moaned and released Kyungsoo’s legs, urging him to close them around his head.

“Look how eager he is for you, Kyungsoo,” Joonmyun drawled, gripping Kyungsoo’s hips and rubbing himself on the curve of his cheeks. “Doesn’t Jongin look nice like this?”

“Y-Yes. J-Jongin?”

Jongin popped Kyungsoo out of his mouth with the most obscene pop Joonmyun had ever heard. “What? What the fuck do you want?” He barked on his knees, hands massaging the front of his boxers. “Fuck.” His lips were swollen and glistened with Kyungsoo’s precum.

Joonmyun took Kyungsoo’s weeping head in his hands and held him firmly, eyes locked on Jongin’s. “Suck,” he commanded.

Jongin hesitated, chest huffing. He looked as if he was about to refuse.

Drawing their attention back to him, Kyungsoo squirmed, trying in vain to move himself in Joonmyun’s tight grip and whimpered pathetically when Joonmyun held him steady.

“Shhh,” Jongin stroked Kyungsoo’s milky white thighs, eyes suddenly soft. “It’s okay, baby. I’m sorry for yelling. You taste so good.”

Jongin hadn’t achieved climax all evening so he was more than a little cranky.

Joonmyun didn’t give a fuck.

Jongin sucked Kyungsoo back into his mouth with a flick of his tongue and Kyungsoo finished down his throat, a flush creeping down his soft chest. He kissed and licked Kyungsoo clean as he always did, lulling Kyungsoo into a peaceful rest with soft, sleepy kisses.

Though Kyungsoo never said anything, Joonmyun could tell he liked to taste himself in Jongin’s mouth. There was more tongue action in Jongin and Kyungsoo’s post-blow job kisses than any time else.

Only Joonmyun was obsessive enough about this to keep track.

Later, when Kyungsoo was asleep and bundled up in the other bed in the room, Jongin grabbed Joonmyun by his hair because he was a fucking Satanic child and bit him until their kisses turned raw.

While taking off Jongin’s shirt, Joonmyun pressed his fingers into the long scratches left by the Chinese giant and his skin throbbed when Jongin hissed in pain.

“Cunt” was Joonmyun’s affectionate nickname but when Jongin was spread out underneath him, hard as a fucking rock and clawing at his arms, it sounded like a plea.

Joonmyun coated his fingers in generous amounts of lube after Jongin’s warning a few nights ago (“If you fuck me dry, I will slit your fucking throat”) and warmed Jongin up with his fingers, no doubt reminding him the perks of being on the bottom. He was a little hard to break but soon enough he’s moaning through his cock swollen lips, shamelessly grinding down on Joonmyun’s fingers and jerking himself off.

Joonmyun smacked his hands away, “Stop that.”

“Fucking hate you,” Jongin growled, angry erection curving prettily into his body.

Joonmyun flipped him and fucked him on his knees, holding his cock and not letting go until Jongin begged for it, fucking himself back on Joonmyun and biting into the sheets.

When he was released, Jongin exploded into the sheets and tiredly turned his head, mouth open for Joonmyun’s tongue. He was always eager to have something in his mouth, the pretty little thing.

Joonmyun patted him down and brushed his hair out of his eyes because even if he hated Jongin for being a little shit, it’s hard to hate him when he looked as perfect as this.

After that, it was a race to see who can sneak into Kyungsoo’s bed the fastest without waking him up. They ended up on opposite sides of him, with Joonmyun keeping his right hand warm in between Kyungsoo’s thighs while Jongin trails tiny kisses along the left side of Kyungsoo’s face.   

Jongin was an attractive man, there was no walking around that issue. He had many equally attractive friends and stunning acquaintances and since his relationship (relationships?) with Kyungsoo and/or Suho were not exclusive, he took his time playing with many of his sexy classmates and co-workers.

For once, Jongin wasn’t the person dragging another into a bathroom stall. This time, he was the one pulled by a desperate, sexy friend.

Cute Chinese Kid With Doll Eyes, also known as Luhan, also known as That Guy’s Boyfriend, grabbed him by the belt and threw them both into a stall, pushing Jongin to sit on the closed toilet.

“Fuck my life,” Jongin bemoaned, running his fingers through Luhan’s pretty brown hair.

Sometimes it sucked being so goddamn hot.

He had fooled around with Luhan before, a lot of times before he started dating that quiet Korean kid with the stoned eyes, but then one day, Luhan came back to him.

“I don’t know if I hate you or fucking love you,” Jongin confessed when Luhan dropped to his knees.

Tall and slim with dainty wrists and soft, pink lips, Luhan  tenderly wrapped his tongue around Jongin’s fingers and sucked them into his hot mouth.

“What about your boyfriend?” Jongin said because he hated himself and didn’t know to shut the fuck up when a cute boy was seconds away from sucking him off.

“He can join us later,” Luhan whispered into Jongin’s clothed midsection, quickly unbuckling his belt and casting it to the side.

Jongin actively tried not to make threesomes a habit but he was in love with Luhan's mouth. He silently thanked Oh Sehun for being a good cock sucking teacher when Luhan deep-throated him in the third floor bathroom of the bookstore Luhan worked in.

“That was nice,” Luhan said when it was all over, smiling cutely.

Jongin forced himself to remember his cock was in Luhan’s mouth just five minutes ago. “You’re such a fucking weirdo.”

Luhan leaned in, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Do you want to come over tonight?” His breath puffed hot over Jongin’s chin. “Sehunnie won’t mind.”

“He definitely tried to kill me the last time we made out on your couch.”

“That’s only because he didn’t know about us. I think he’s fine with it now.”

“Luhan.” Jongin ripped off a few sheets of toilet paper and wiped at the spot on Luhan’s cheek he missed when he cleaned his face. “As much as I want your puny boyfriend to choke me again and then dry hump me in your shower, I have plans tonight.”

Luhan shrugged, still smiling serenely. “Suit yourself. Goodbye Jongin.”

Blowing a kiss, Luhan exited the bathroom first.

Jongin, pants still around his ankles, cursed his beautiful, fuckable body for the nth time since his third year of secondary school.   

“Hyung, not so rough,” Kyungsoo reminded Joonmyun during their next Jongin-free encounter.

Jongin was out to his night classes and they have the apartment to themselves, choosing to spend their time in bed with one another instead doing anything productive.

They weren’t too into the moment when Kyungsoo voiced his discomfort.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, baby.”

Sliding his hands up Kyungsoo’s sides, Joonmyun’s tenderly brushed his lips along the more prominent veins of his neck. Kyungsoo sighed, body relaxing almost instantaneously.

“I d-don’t like it when you’re rough.” He spread his legs wider when Joonmyun’s hands smoothed up the insides of his thighs, barely touching him.

“I know.” Joonmyun spoke quietly, right into the curve of his ear. “I’m sorry.”

Kyungsoo came alive under slow, open mouthed kisses and heated touches on his lower body. The softer the touches were on Kyungsoo’s lower stomach, the harder it was for him to keep his thighs parted for Joonmyun’s hands. His thighs shook and Joonmyun did his best to soothe his ache away without touching it too intimately. He wanted to prolong this moment for as long as he could.

Jongin would be home at any minute and stick to Kyungsoo like a fucking parasite, touching his ass and sucking him off in the kitchen.

Kyungsoo then pulled Joonmyun out of his thoughts and into a sweet kiss. His lips trembled and a small, strained moan worked its way out of his body and into Joonmyun’s waiting mouth.

Joonmyun spent months mapping Kyungsoo’s body, running his lips along the jut of his collarbones and massaging the skin of his lower back. A soft touch turned Kyungsoo on more than hair pulling or biting ever could. The more he was babied in bed, the harder he shuddered in Joonmyun’s arms when he spilled into his hands.

They fell in with each other during dark times and hoped that in each other’s arms and mouths, they would find relief from their aches. The return of Kyungsoo’s ex boyfriend forever changed the course of their relationship.

Because of this, they didn’t have much time to themselves but their kisses remained just as slow and lovely as they did the first time their lips met.

Joonmyun was about to slowly coax Kyungsoo’s body into accepting his wet fingers when Jongin crashed into the room. He reeked of marijuana and poor life choices.

 “Starting the party without me?” With an obscene lick of his lips, he pushed himself into Kyungsoo’s arms and shoved Joonmyun away, almost throwing him off the side of the bed.

“You fucking—“ Kneeling on the bed, Joonmyun grabbed Jongin by his shoulders, ready to knock him the fuck out when Kyungsoo pulled at his arms.

“No,” Kyungsoo shook his head, wrapping his legs around Jongin’s waist. “No fighting. It’s…it’s okay, hyung. Jongin can join us. I don’t mind.”

Kyungsoo never minded.

“Don’t be a selfish cunt,” Jongin said with a cocky flick of his head. He shoved Joonmyun away again and turned his attention back to Kyungsoo, who kissed him earnestly and with all the love Joonmyun wished would rot in hell. He had no choice but to watch Jongin fuck Kyungsoo, both of them bathed gold in the early afternoon sun.

Joonmyun hated himself for the way his eyes follow Jongin’s dark fingers working their way into Kyungsoo’s body and wrapping around his dripping head. His reservations about Jongin’s character nonwithstanding, he couldn’t deny Jongin knew what Kyungsoo liked.

While Jongin and Joonmyun often went at each other like wild animals, both handled Kyungsoo with a soft touch, just as he liked it.

During the fucking, Joonmyun feigned anger in regards to this situation and subtly touched himself when he knew they wouldn’t notice.

Kyungsoo looked really, really good at the receiving end of Jongin’s wicked hands. His skin glowed in the sunlight filtering through the window, dark nipples a stark contrast to his pale, soft chest.

Jongin covered him in kiss marks just to annoy Joonmyun, who now jerked off to the affair out in the open and hated himself a little more with every stroke.

He came to the mental image of Jongin deep throating him and choking on his cock.

There was nothing quite as relaxing as a post-coital smoke.

After a quick clean up, Joonmyun slowly slid their balcony door open and found Jongin already there, Joonmyun’s pack of cigarettes at his side.

“Who told you to take those?”

Jongin didn’t look up, eyes far away. “A smoke is a smoke. I’ll pay you back in sexual favors later if you’re going to cry about it.” Joonmyun stepped onto the balcony and closed the door a bit, mindful of a sleeping Kyungsoo wrapped up inside. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” Jongin said, picking out a cigarette from pack at his feet and lighting it up.

It was the beginning of a conversation they had many times before and Joonmyun responded accordingly. ”You cheated on Kyungsoo, didn’t you? Are you still hung up over your own mistake?”

“Why does that even fucking matter now? We’re all fucking each other now. Kyungsoo doesn’t deserve any of that. He needs someone to love him and only him.”

“So why don’t you leave?” Joonmyun turned his head, profile half shadowed by the darkness. “Why don’t you leave and let me love him the way you say he needs to be loved?”

Jongin stomped his boots on the balcony, huffing. “It fucking can’t be you, Joonmyun. It can’t. I don’t want it to be you. I want him to want me, only me, like he used to. I…I hope you leave one day and never come back.”

There was nothing stopping Jongin when he was like this. His true feelings spilled out into the open only under the right combination of endorphins, nicotine and the taste of Kyungsoo on the tip of his tongue. He verbally slammed into Joonmyun, reopening infected, half healed scars.

“Go back to Luhan. He doesn’t really give a shit about that Sehun kid anyway.”

“Leave Luhan out of this,” Joonmyun warned, voice firm. “That was a long time ago.”

“No, it fucking wasn’t. I cheated on Kyungsoo around the same time Luhan dumped you. You found Kyungsoo and wanted to keep him but he still loved me. In the beginning, he was nothing but someone to fuck and hold after Luhan pussied out on you and didn't tell you he came back to Korea.”

“Shut up. I fell in love with Kyungsoo and you just wouldn’t leave us alone. You were there from the moment I first saw him to the moment I first kissed him—“

“I was there when you fucked him for the first time too—“  

“You’re the one who should leave.”

Jongin took a drag on his cigarette, shaking his head. “Nope. As long as he wants me to be around, I’ll fucking stay and I just hope one day Kyungsoo realizes I’m the one who’s loved him from the beginning and you’re that annoying third wheel who never got over Cute Chinese Kid with Doll Eyes. I know you still think about him—“

“I know you still fuck him,” Joonmyun rolled his eyes. “You fuck everyone.”

“What? Jealous over him too?” Jongin scoffed, hitting Joonmyun’s bended knee. “I don’t want him. Luhan is too much for me. His boyfriend still wants to kick my ass and I think I hate myself enough to let him. But I don’t care. Everything feels different when I’m with Kyungsoo. With those other people, it’s about wanting their fucking hands on me, choking me, scratching me, fucking me until I want to cry and punch their lights out. Maybe it’s because Kyungsoo likes it soft but I…I really just want to take care of him. I want to love him and I want him to love me…like he used to.”

“He probably still does,” Joonmyun said, exhaling smoke into the night air. “He’s just not stupid. He was never your only one and now you’re not his only one either.”

“I regret it. I regret so fucking much,” Jongin stomped his cigarette out, hands in his hair. “God, if I could turn back time and stop myself from cheating, I would.”

Joonmyun said nothing, turning his attention to the sky. “I hate Luhan,” he said a little while later when the silence was too much.

“Luhan,” Jongin chuckled briefly. “He’s fucking terrifying. I really don’t know how you lasted so long with him. I think he’s one of those sex demons that fucks you in your sleep and then pulls your tongue out through your ass.”

“He’s not that bad.” Joonmyun took a curious puff, inhaling more deeply when his tongue had accessed the strength of the joint. “I don’t know, I guess I can’t really give an objective opinion on Luhan. I was so into him.”

The scars were now opened. Pus and blood flowered freely from which that Joonmyun had picked at and watched fester for many painful months. He also couldn’t be stopped when forced onto the topic of his ex-boyfriend. They were all hung up on the past and they didn’t quite know how to stop yet.

“For three years of my life, it was all just Luhan, Luhan, Luhan. What a fucking trip. I’m surprised I didn’t fling myself off a building after it ended.”

He would rather not remember the nights he woke up on the floor of his bedroom with a half empty pill bottle in his hand, a metallic taste in his mouth.

“I really was a mess. Then I found Kyungsoo…”

“I know how that story goes,” Jongin chimed in. “You’re hurt. He’s hurt. Somehow you two think it’ll hurt less if you start fucking around. It does for a bit. I come back. Everything goes to hell.”

“That’s…pretty accurate,” Joonmyun shrugged. “You’re not exactly making this easy for any of us.”

Jongin snorted, “I’m waiting for the day Kyungsoo realizes who loves him the most.”

“And you think that’s you?”

“I know that’s me. He just doesn’t trust me anymore. He doesn’t trust anyone. But I never stopped...having feelings for him. Like you and...Luhan, right? You really loved him, huh? That much?”

Joonmyun shrugged again, “Whatever. I’d rather put a bullet through my brain than talk about this anymore. It’s a dead subject. Let’s get high.”

“First understandable thing you’ve said all evening.” Jongin smiled.Joonmyun still hated him but he hated himself a little less. “You don’t have to like me, just know I’m going to want to fuck you one day because I’m dying to know what it’s like.”

“Good luck with that.” Joonmyun passed him the joint, looking out at the sky.

His scars bubbled with fresh blood.    

Because he’s an idiot and not beyond masochism, Joonmyun "ran into" Luhan at the bookstore a week after his talk with Jongin. He visited the place knowingly, watching Luhan approach over his shoulder as he pretended to be interested in Mongolian architecture.

His apartment was currently taken over by Jongin and Kyungsoo making love faces at each other and Joonmyun never stuck around for that. It was annoying.

Luhan looked as perfect as ever with his hair swept up to the side and his small lips moisturized to a perfect kissing perfection. Joonmyun knew this first hand because when Luhan noticed and approached him, Joonmyun was backed up into a less frequented corner of the bookstore and kissed until he couldn’t breathe.

He knowingly and purposely jumped into the abyss, infinitely falling into the darkness of Luhan’s eyes. Joonmyun fucking hated Luhan but he hated himself more because he could never deny Luhan anything.

“You fucking broke my heart,” Joonmyun growled, holding Luhan’s face. Pain made him talkative. He wished Luhan would throw himself under a bus so he never had to see those doe eyes or feel those warm hands on his own ever again.

“I’m sorry,” Luhan whispered with his eyes closed.

He wasn’t sorry.

“I’m sorry.”

He wasn’t sorry and his tongue erased the sincerity his words tried to convey.

Luhan roughly kissed him, pressing his back against hard, wooden bookshelves and standing in between his open legs.

“You’re not sorry,” Joonmyun said, tightening his grip on Luhan’s hands on his face. As he spoke, he voice deteriorated into a ragged whisper, speaking right up against Luhan’s hot tongue. “You’re not. You never were. You don’t care about me.”

“I do,” Luhan insisted, pressing his belt buckle into Joonmyun’s stomach. “I do, Joonmyun. I’ve seen you around and I hoped to run into you so I could…so I could show you how much I still care.”

Luhan’s accent had improved. Joonmyun used to be drawn in by the slight catch on a few of his words but now he only cared about those soft lips and the sounds they made as they opened under his.

After three years, he was still as angry as he had been the day he saw Luhan in the arms of Oh fucking Sehun. He was stupid for holding onto Luhan and their memories together after all this time, especially when Luhan proved time and time again that he really didn’t give a shit about Joonmyun and his stupid feelings.

“If you cared,” Joonmyun continued, pulling Luhan as close to him as possible. “If you cared, you would’ve called me when you came back to Korea. You wouldn’t have—“

You wouldn’t have picked someone over me.

“I hate you,” Joonmyun continued to growl, biting at Luhan’s mouth. His eyes stung with rage and disgust but god, he was so turned on by the way Luhan molded into his arms, moaning breathlessly against his skin.

Luhan soaked up the abuse like a sponge and only whimpered when Joonmyun's teeth clamped down on his bottom lip.

“I wish that you wouldn’t exist.”

“I know,” Luhan only repeated, allowing himself to be used. His voice was sad but not surprised; he had already resigned himself to this kind of treatment from his ex and welcomed it. “I know,” he repeat, his voice as soft as his lips.

“I’m sorry.”

He wasn’t fucking sorry.

Joonmyun retreated home with swollen lips, red eyes and his shirt half tucked into his pants.  

There was a secret part of Jongin's life that really wasn’t such a secret after all, considering the marks it left behind. Jongin liked to have his fun but there was one particular person he especially enjoyed his time with.

He went to Kris when loving touches and Joonmyun's passive aggressive bites weren’t enough.

Sometimes, Jongin just needed someone to hold him down by the neck and fuck the shit out of him. Neither Kyungsoo nor Joonmyun were suitable for such a job.

Kris was only too happy to provide such a service.

He slipped a cock ring onto Jongin a second after they met for the night and refused to take it off until Jongin was a blubbering mess and pathetically whimpered into the curve of his neck.

Kris was fucking gigantic with huge, pale hands and square fingers, the kind that left obvious, telling bruises along Jongin's thighs and shoulders after their nights together. Jongin liked to press at his bruises in the shower and touch himself to the memory of the look in Kris’ eyes when he left his mark.

He wished Kris would talk down to him a bit, toss a few dirty names here and there, but Kris was silent as he worked. Only his eyes and hands commanded and twisted Jongin into whatever position he desired. Nevertheless, Jongin wanted to hear that low voice in his ears, telling him how much of a slut he was and how good he looked begging on his knees with sweat pouring into his eyes.

Chinese by birth, Kris’ Korean had an accent that may or may not have turned Jongin on like a light switch. He was first drawn in by Kris' aloof attitude but Jongin stayed for the sexual humiliation. Pain had never hurt so good.

Cock rings, vibrators, collars, a riding crop, gags, clamps, ties to hold his arms and legs apart…as long as Jongin supplied the tools, Kris gladly used them on him with upturned lips.

Those fucking lips, they looked so good mouthing Jongin's cock through his underwear. Kris gave the best head in the entire universe and he loved doing it.

He would definitely take home the gold in the Cock Sucking Olympics.

Oh Sehun, that little fucker, would place second.

On a particularly memorable day, broad hands held Jongin’s legs at an uncomfortable width as Kris fucked him up against the window, pressing his erection to the cool glass.

Across the street, a pervert watched from between his blinds and got the show of his life when Jongin obscenely rubbed himself against the glass, looking for a bit of friction. He was raw and throbbing between his legs when Kris pulled out and moved him to the bed.

Choking on his discomfort, Jongin sat up when Kris walked back into the room with a towel and a bucket of cool water. He carefully wiped Jongin down, starting with his sweaty face and slowly working his way down to his sore parts.

“Fuck!” Jongin hissed and jumped when the towel wrapped around his red shaft.

“There, there,” Kris said, continuing his way down Jongin’s thighs and wiping them clean.

For as much as he enjoyed throwing Jongin around, Kris was a gentlemen when their affairs were over. It was almost a little sweet the way he took his time washing Jongin. But this time, when Kris’ towel touched Jongin’s sore backside, the ache between Jongin's legs throbbed. His body was on instant alert again, set aflame by Kris' close proximity. Something about Kris turned him on so badly. Innocent touches wormed their way down Jongin's body and settled in his gut, rekindling his previously sated desire.

Kris’ heavy, confident touch was always reassuring and hot, oh so fucking hot. Jongin let Kris rub a finger into him even though it stung like a motherfucker, thrusting himself back onto that finger. Kris "cleaned" Jongin’s mouth with his tongue, holding his face steady as his mouth plundered Jongin's breath.

Forgetting the cleaning, Jongin wrapped his legs around Kris and tried to pull him back down to the bed, silently urging Kris to press down on the purpling of his thighs.

"What do you want this time?" Kris asked.

Jongin's backside still ached when Kris lowered his hands to brush between his thighs, he hissed softly and mumbled, "Gag."

Kris tongued him open, shoving Jongin's face into a pillow and holding his ass in the air, and then fucked him with such ferocity, Jongin thought he was going to break apart half way through.

Jongin was cleaned and tucked into bed after his round. Kris ghosted a kiss over his forehead before he disappeared for a well deserved shower.

Falling for Kris wouldn't have been too hard if Jongin's heart hadn't been otherwise occupied. They're friends and the sex was fucking great but that was as far as Jongin was willing to go. During the fucking, Jongin only saw Kris, Kris, Kris, but when it's all over, he dozed in Kris' bed and thought about playing with Kyungsoo and his soft body and kissing him senseless.

Kris was just another one of Jongin's unhealthy relationships spawned by his inability to fall out of love with his high school boyfriend.

Personally, Kyungsoo liked their relationship. They weren't like other couples and he knew both of his "boyfriends" had other people but he had them and it was enough.

In the beginning, dating Jongin had been rough. Kyungsoo wasn't a jealous person but Jongin always seemed so eager to go places, meet new people, people who weren't Kyungsoo and were probably more interesting. He wasn't surprised by Jongin's infidelity and though he still had feelings for him, Kyungsoo vowed never to find himself in a committed, monogamous relationship ever again.

It was too much.

He had always been the party that cared and worried and fretted and for what? Out of the three relationships in his lifetime, two ended in infidelity.

By expanding his current "relationship" with Joonmyun to include Jongin, Kyungsoo hoped he wouldn't have to suffer alone anymore. If Jongin and Joonmyun wanted to go out into the world and touch other people, it was fine. As long as they came home to Kyungsoo and treated him as they always had, they were problem-free.

Through a few bad habits (namely eavesdropping), Kyungsoo knew about Joonmyun's previous relationship with Luhan and that he was still in love with him. But Joonmyun never once brought Luhan up or gave any indication he hated the state of their relationship and Kyungsoo didn’t want to bring it up if it was a touchy subject.

His first relationship with Jongin destroyed what he thought love was supposed to be but he hoped with this second one, and Joonmyun, maybe he would come to step a little closer to happiness.

Unfortunately, Jongin had a hard trouble grasping these concepts.

"Kyungsoo~" he would always whine, flopping over Kyungsoo's legs.


"Dump Joonmyun and get back together with me~" Jongin pouted in Kyungsoo’s face, holding him by his cheeks.

"No~" Kyungsoo said, imitating his voice. "I don't want to."

This time around, he didn't want to be the only one who lost if things went sour.

This time around, he would have his back covered.

After disheartening conversations with Kyungsoo, Jongin liked to stay up by himself and just talk. He remembered there being a section in his psych class on sleep and how people could potentially be influenced by what their senses were exposed to during slumber so he endlessly talked about his true feelings during sleeping hours. He hoped his words would transcend Kyungsoo's sleepy brain and open his heart again to Jongin.

“You probably would hit me if I told you this when you were awake,” Jongin said one night, speaking into Kyungsoo’s shoulder. Kyungsoo slept deeply and Jongin was just high enough to not stop talking when he started. The words bubbled up in his chest and spilled all over Kyungsoo’s back, covering him in Jongin’s breath.

“I’m sorry I hurt you and I know you don’t really forgive me and probably never will but I’ll wait for you, okay? If Joonmyun…ever decides Luhan is more important, I’ll stay with you and love you. I mean…I have a pretty fucked up idea of what love is, I guess. I don’t…think I know how to love someone, really and honestly, not how Joonmyun loved or still loves Luhan.

I love in my own fucked up way and I know…it’ll probably never be enough for you. I think you deserve way, way better than Joonmyun and I…way better but you’re here. You’re always here. I’m going to be here too, for as long as you need me.

Sex is great, it really is but when it’s with you…I don’t know, it’s…it’s amazing. I know we’re all more than a little fucked up with our own issues and insecurities but my feelings for you never disappeared, they only grew.”

Kyungsoo slept in blissful ignorance, warm and heavy in Jongin’s arms.

“Baby…” Jongin whispered, tracing the line of Kyungsoo’s neck with his nose. He was still a little sore from his recent trip to Kris’ apartment but it was nothing compared to the feeling of having Kyungsoo sleeping and happy in his arms. Jongin promised to have a little more patience with their triangle relationship. It kept Kyungsoo happy and Kyungsoo’s happiness was the most important thing in his life.

Joonmyun knew he needed to let go of Luhan. They didn't have anything worth saving, not anymore. They probably never had. Joonmyun never went back to Luhan's bookstore and went out of his way to avoid going into that part of the city. He clung to Kyungsoo more, much to Jongin's annoyance, and the three of them kept on with each other.

Joonmyun and Jongin came to a small understanding six months after their trio had initially formed. "I don't like you today any more than I did when we first met," Jongin said, picking food off Joonmyun's plate.

"I still think you're annoying and should go away," Joonmyun admitted. "But I know you won't and I just want you to accept that I won't go away either. Whatever happened with me and...people, happened. It doesn't mean anything now. The only thing that matters is what and who I have now."

"You know, in some...strange sort of way, now we have each other too. Not that I wanted to have you or anything, not in the beginning, though I still wonder what it would feel like to fuck you--"

Joonmyun snapped at his fingers with chopsticks, "Shut up. I should stick my cock in your mouth more often."

Jongin laughed, "You wish. You probably have wet dreams about me all the time, admit it." Picking his head up from his plate, Joonmyun's eyes narrowed into a disinterested look.

"Oh yes," he said, face deadpan. "However did you know?"

Jongin pretended to be offended and Joonmyun pretended to be disgusted when Jongin crawled into his lap. He pretended to care more about his food than the lithe, slim body trying to get itself comfortable in his lap.

"You can try to deny this all you want, cunt, but you knew this would happen eventually."

Everything passed in a blur until the front door open. Joonmyun didn't ever think Kyungsoo would walk in on them fucking on the kitchen table but Kyungsoo took it all in stride and even laughed when Jongin whined for Joonmyun to continue.

"See? Isn't it better this way?" Stepping forward, Kyungsoo brushed Jongin's bangs out of his eyes and smiled. "You look so happy."

Jongin took a deep breath, shuddering. "H-He's pressing up against my...thing and he s-stopped moving when you walked in so--"

"Oh, don't stop on my account." He kissed Joonmyun's cheek and then dropped his face to nuzzle at the base of his neck. "I can join too, right?"

Jongin whimpered, "Sit on my face."

Both Joonmyun and Kyungsoo turned to face him with confused looks. Joonmyun, still buried deep in his body, stared at him in confusion.

"Just do it," Jongin urged, holdings his arms out. "I promise it'll feel good."

With a little maneuvering, Kyungsoo came to find himself hovering over Jongin's face, hands spread out on his chest to keep his balance.

"O-Okay. Cunt, fuck me and make out with Kyungsoo at the same time. Trust me, It'll be better that way."

Kim Jongin, 20, back seat fucker. Secretly, he had wanted to do this to Kyungsoo for a long time but hadn't been too sure on how to bring it up. One did not just bring face sitting up in polite conversation.

While Joonmyun thrusted into him slowly, Jongin worked his tongue along the clenching muscle of Kyungsoo's backside, moaning when Kyungsoo's fingers brushed his proud erection.

With another's person's tongue in his mouth, Kyungsoo wasn't as loud as Jongin would've liked. Kyungsoo's hips twitched minutely and when he tried to fuck himself down on Jongin's tongue, Jongin pushed down on the table with his feet to push his tongue further into his lover.

Jongin finished first, unable to control himself after achieving something he had wanted for so long. He gently pushed Kyungsoo away from his face and watched through hazy eyes as Kyungsoo dropped to his knees and sucked Joonmyun in as far as he could go. Kyungsoo looked good on his knees. If Jongin held his breath, he could hear the little slurping sounds coming from Kyungsoo's mouth.

Right when Jongin wanted to ask if they could continue it all in the bedroom, Joonmyun finished and helped Kyungsoo touch himself to completion.

"Motherfucker," Jongin groaned when it was all over, head against Joonmyun's shoulder.

"That went better than expected," Joonmyun offered him a cigarette.

Jongin declined with a small shake of his head.

"I liked it." Kyungsoo was just tickled pink by the turn of events. "Does this mean you two won't fight over me anymore?"

"Oh, we probably will," Jongin shrugged. "We're just that dumb and stubborn."

Joonmyun agreed.

"Wouldn't it be nice if we could be like this all the time?" Kyungsoo asked, referring to their slumped, relaxed positions all over each other.

Joonmyun and Jongin touched each other without threatening glares or unnecessary cuss words: it was progress in Kyungsoo's book.

Still, there was no telling how any of them would wake up the next morning. Maybe Joonmyun would wake up thinking of Luhan and mutually hating and loving his memory. Maybe Jongin would miss the solitary closeness he once had with Kyungsoo and would try to steal all of his attention, as he had done before. Maybe Jongin and Joonmyun would hate each other for being slaves to their own hormones and for this being the closest any of them would ever get to having who they wanted.

No one knew what the future would bring so they vowed to enjoy that day as much as they could. They were far from perfect and felt more than they could ever put into words but they loved each other, even if their love was a little fucked up.

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