bow down (leadernim) wrote,

I'm Yours (one shot)

Title: I'm Yours
Author: leadernim
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Length: 7000+ words
Summary: Chanyeol is weird. Baekhyun is disinterested. Jongin is the thing of the devil. Kris is a creature from an evil dimension. College AU. 
A/N: For Andrea and Mollie ^o^ And here's the sequel: Hey Soul Sister. There's also a Chinese translation of "I'm Yours" available for your pleasure!

There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate
I'm yours

Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours"

“Go out with me.”

Byun Baekhyun, disgruntled, looks up from his magazine and grunts out a soft, “What?”

Park Chanyeol, handsome, sexy, That Guy Everyone Wants Because He Has Swag, nods and repeats, “Go out with me” one more time.

He’s met with a blank stare.

“Go out…with you?” Baekhyun asks, tilting his head. “Where? To the store? Do you want more candy?”

This isn’t how Chanyeol expected this to go. “No, not to the store. Psh. Besides I just went yesterday. They had these new apricot jellies, I swear, I’m addicted to them. They melt on your tongue and then it’s just an explosion of tangy, sweetness and I—“

Chanyeol clears his throat.

“That’s. Not the point. Go out with me in the…other way.”

Baekhyun looks even more confused, “What other way?”

“Are you stupid?” Chanyeol snaps, flustered. His body feels so hot he thinks the candies in his pocket will melt and noo, they were expensive. Melting of such candies is forbidden if the melting does not take place in Park Chanyeol’s mouth! He was supposed to ask and Baekhyun was supposed to say yes because this is how these things went! You kiss, you go out, you live happily ever after.

Oh and sex.


But Chanyeol doesn’t want to think about that yet. He’s not sure…how it works. But he will! Soon! Park Chanyeol always gets the job done!

Baekhyun scoffs and says, “Apparently.” He turns back to his magazine, “Are you going to just stand there, gawking at me? Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

Okay, this was really not how the confession was supposed to go.

“You didn’t even confess to him,” Chanyeol’s stupid best friend Kim Jongin says the next day at lunch.

“I did too,” Chanyeol pulls out his water bottle, pouting. “I said ‘go out with me’ and then he said ‘go out with you?’ like he didn’t even know what that meant!”

Jongin facepalms, “Chanyeol…Yeol…Friend…buddy, did you even tell Byun Baekhyun you have feelings for him?”

“Aren’t…feelings implied when one party asks the other party out?”

Jongin gives him a blank look, “Why do you always assume everyone’s brain works like yours does?”

“Wait,” Chanyeol pushes his water bottle away, suddenly having a breakthrough. “So that wasn’t a confession? What more do I have to do?”

With a shrug, Jongin grabs Chanyeol by the collar and pulls him close. Chanyeol yelps, suddenly cross eyed as he looks into his friend’s face.

“You,” Jongin enunciates, snarling in what he probably thinks is a “seductive” way.

He just looks hungry to Chanyeol.

“You are the fire that burns in the pit of my loins—“


Oh shit.

Chanyeol and Jongin both look over at the same time, mortified as Byun Baekhyun stands there, no doubt about to sit with them.

“I’ll just…go over there,” Baekhyun says slowly, inching away from the table.

Chanyeol is about to spout something about alien mind control and they’ve taken Jongin but it’s too late.

When Baekhyun is nowhere to be seen, Chanyeol hangs his head dejectedly, sighing into his hoodie. Jongin pats his back sympathetically.

Suddenly, Chanyeol turns on him, raving. “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING—“


Chanyeol glares, “Fire? Loins? How is any of that a good idea?”

“Chanyeol, you don’t just go up to someone and demand they go out with you, even if they like you.”

“But we kissed—“

Jongin sighs, “Maybe…he doesn’t want to go out with you. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.”

Chanyeol frowns, “That can’t be it. I know he likes me.”

“You are way better at dealing with potential rejection than I am,” Jongin says seriously, looking at Chanyeol straight in the eye. “Are you sure? Are you sure sure sure? One hundred and twenty three percent sure he likes you?”

Chanyeol’s never been one hundred and twenty three percent positive of anything. He’s just a tall, albeit awkward, college student who’s spent the last three months agonizing over why Byun Baekhyun was suddenly invading his everything.

Baekhyun’s a nice guy, they’re not too close but they’re not strangers either. They were partners for some project or another in their first year of high school but it was only until Chanyeol saw Baekhyun again in his college that he started paying more attention to him.

There’s something about Baekhyun’s smile. It bothers Chanyeol. A lot of things about Byun Baekhyun bother Chanyeol but his smile would have to be Chanyeol’s greatest complaint.

Baekhyun’s smile is always strained.

Even when he laughs, there seems to be something keeping his happiness at one level and one level only. Chanyeol isn’t creepy or anything (shut up, he’s not creepy!) but he’s had his moments where he stared at Baekhyun laugh or smile, only to be annoyed by it.

What’s holding Baekhyun back?

Chanyeol wanted to know so he approached Baekhyun at a party once, holding a solo cup of what looked to be some hard ass alcohol yeah son but was actually lemon juice. Chanyeol figured that if he drank his lemon juice and reacted to it, it wouldn’t be too different than his reaction to alcohol. He drinks but he didn’t want to that night.

Chanyeol never drinks when he’s on his missions.

In short, he pretended to be drunk and that was hard, considering he was one of the tallest people at the party and an extremely tall person can’t suddenly just flop themselves everywhere. That’s not cool.

Thankfully, after a couple of minutes of getting lost through whoever’s house it was, he found Baekhyun in one of the bedrooms, looking out the window.

Chanyeol tripped over the door way and almost fell face first into the bed, a feat that had absolutely nothing to do with alcohol but one he hoped would convince Baekhyun he wasn’t entirely sober. What good was finally approaching the guy he had been creeping on while sober? Why reveal one’s true feelings so soon?

Baekhyun was pleasantly buzzed and smiled when he saw Chanyeol. He recognized him well enough and sat down on the bed, looking over Chanyeol with a little twinkle in his eyes.

Chanyeol felt naked and tried to loosen his hoodie from bunching up, just in case Baekhyun was a cyborg who had x-ray vision. They made small talk for a bit but Chanyeol doesn’t remember much of that part of the night.

Who grabbed who didn’t matter then and doesn’t matter now but somehow, Chanyeol found himself on top of Baekhyun, making out on someone else’s bed. Chanyeol wasn’t the type to go to parties to make out and he’s a bit surprised to find out Baekhyun was. His surprise quickly turned into something a bit more…djaskldjas?

His mind was just like “djaskldjas” when Baekhyun took his face in his hands and muttered for Chanyeol to soften the assault on his mouth. He patiently coaxed Chanyeol into the correct way to kiss and the kissing only got better with time.

Though when Baekhyun’s hand found the shirt Chanyeol wore under his hoodie and touched his stomach through the fabric, Chanyeol pulled away so quickly he nearly fell off the bed. After settling down again, Baekhyun eased Chanyeol out of his large hoodie and wouldn’t stop kissing him until someone barged in on them unexpectedly. The drunk girl who threw herself into the room didn’t see the two fellas on the bed, faces too close to have been doing anything “innocent” and puked just a few inches away from Chanyeol’s sweater.

That sweater set Chanyeol back more money than he would ever admit and he jumped off Baekhyun, pulling his sweater up and away before it was covered in stomach acid and what smelled like citrus vodka. Of all things.

When Chanyeol turned back to Baekhyun, to maybe ahem resume their kissing because even if Chanyeol had not made out with anyone before this he really, really liked this…a lot, Baekhyun was closing his eyes and relaxing against the mattress. He didn’t stir when Chanyeol shook his shoulder and Chanyeol, lips still swollen, trudged away from the scene of the crime with his head low.

So that had been the drunken hook up-thing that was so common at the university? Was that it? He didn’t even know what proper protocol was after making out with a friend (?) but Baekhyun didn’t treat him any different. And by that, it means Baekhyun waved when he saw Chanyeol and then walked away. It was what he usually did so Chanyeol didn’t know why it hurt a bit that time around.

Ever since then, he’s been trying to get close to Baekhyun but with little to no luck. It should be easy, considering Baekhyun is mostly alone when Chanyeol finds him but Chanyeol, according to Jongin, doesn’t have a brain-to-mouth filter and it’s very hard to talk like a regular person when Chanyeol’s brain wants to say, “You had your tongue in my mouth three weeks, two days and seven hours ago.”

Chanyeol’s brain is a creep.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol are friends now, maybe not the best, but it is progress. Baekhyun sits with Jongin and Chanyeol when he’s free and Chanyeol controls his brain surprisingly in front of his obvious crush.

Jongin thinks Baekhyun is an idiot for not noticing.

“You practically have hearts in your eyes when he talks to you,” Jongin later says in the library.

“No, I don’t,” Chanyeol opens his physics textbook and looks at it, sighing. “I have…eyes in my eye sockets when he talks to me like I usually do.”

Jongin snorts, “If he hasn’t noticed by now, I think he’s a lost cause. I don’t even know what you see in him.”

Chanyeol pulls out a pencil from his backpack and starts graphing part one of his homework, “Jonginnie, you don’t even like boys like that. How would you understand?”

“His personality isn’t….” Jongin stares, eyes wide as Chanyeol effortlessly graphs the part of the homework he himself has been stuck on for the past half an hour. “How do you…”

Chanyeol looks up, “How do I what?”

“You just…” Jongin motions to the impeccably drawn graph with distinct axis, a line of best fit, more points plotted than the question asks for, all topped up with a title only a hand taught calligraphy could write. “What the hell, Chanyeol—“

“Why do you keep looking at me like that? I’m just doing my work.” Chanyeol thinks nothing of himself as he flips to the next blank page in his notebook, eyes scanning the page for the next question.

“Right,” Jongin shakes his head. “What was I saying before you were possessed by a dangerous math demon?”

“Sounds like something I’d say,” Chanyeol murmurs, head bent over his papers.

“That’s because you have said it before, Yeol.”


“Where was I going with this…,” Jongin starts again, eyes turned away from Chanyeol’s notebook. “Oh, right. Byun Baekhyun. He’s not…I didn’t think he’d be your type, you know? He’s boring. He’s…kinda lame. I mean, you’re lame but he’s even lamer than you. If two lames got together….that’s….that’s just lame, Chanyeol.”

“He’s not boring,” Chanyeol says absentmindedly, eyes narrowed on his homework. “You just gotta talk to him about the right things. I’d be boring too if all you talked to me about was how much your girlfriend rocks…oh wait—“

“Hey, I don’t talk about her all the time!”

“You talk about her enough,” Chanyeol smirks. “Byun Baekhyun isn’t interested in your love life, Jonginnie.”

Jongin scoffs, “Oh yeah? What do you know about his interests? What does Byun Baekhyun like to talk about? Math? Science? Intimidating things like that? Chanyeol-y things like that?”

“Nope,” Chanyeol closes his notebook, finished with his homework.

Jongin feels a part of him wither away and die in the sea of his envy.


Byun Baekhyun is a music major, a vocal one at that. Chanyeol doesn’t know anything about the technicalities of music. He dropped his violin classes to take extra science courses right before high school so everything he did know is now washed away with time.

Chanyeol had randomly stumbled upon the topic of music one day in their (mainly) one sided conversations and Byun Baekhyun talked for so long, they had to be kicked out of the campus café because it was after closing time. He can go on and on about measures and time signatures and Chanyeol doesn’t understand any of that. It wasn’t until he found a music chapter in his physics book (“The Science of Sound”) that he understood music from a very different perspective than Baekhyun knows it.

Even if Chanyeol has absolutely no idea just what those English-looking words scrabbled all over the front of Baekhyun’s notebook mean, he’ll still let himself be talked at for hours. Call it a little silly (and a lot stupid) but Chanyeol feels closer to Baekhyun in these moments.

When they talk about music, Baekhyun smiles and he looks like he means it. His voice shifts from loud to soft depending on how excited he is about the topic.

Sometimes, he’ll even lean into Chanyeol’s ear, as if whispering the secret of composing well thought out music right into Chanyeol’s brain. Those moments are very nice.

Chanyeol wants more of them.

“He’s a genius.”

Chanyeol chokes into his noodles, turning to give Jongin a frantic look.

“A genius?” Baekhyun repeats, looking to Chanyeol. He takes in Chanyeol’s frizzy brown hair, his large brown eyes and how stuffed his cheeks are…and he probably thinks Kim Jongin is losing his goddamn mind.

“I know he doesn’t look it,” Jongin says.

Chanyeol bites back the flush of embarrassment creeping up his neck, lowering his eyes to his food.

“But he’s at the top of all, literally all of his classes. He’s the only one who passed the last physics exam with…it wasn’t even flying colors, it was more like…fucking exploding colors—“


“With fucking red and blue and pink everywhere—“


“I thought the professors eyes were about to fall out because there were so many colors--"

Chanyeol hits Jongin under the table to shut him up.

“Ow!” Jongin yelps, recoiling. “Chanyeol, what the hell—“

“I’m not a genius,” Chanyeol says to Baekhyun, hunching over in his seat when Baekhyun merely stares at him. “I mean,” Chanyeol continues. “I do alright. I try my best. I’m not looking to be called a genius or anything—“

“If only you could see how many girls want to ‘do homework’ with him—“

“Kim Jongin, for all that is sacred, shut your damn—“

“How good are you in chemistry?”

“Wha?” Chanyeol drops his hands from Jongin’s collar, eyes on Baekhyun. “I don’t even take—“

“He’s great! Two thumbs up!” Jongin says and does just that.

Chanyeol shakes him to expel the lying demon that has taken hold of his friend.

“Can you…help me this Saturday? I’m sorry it’s such short notice but I—“

“He’ll do it!” Jongin smiles brightly, giving Baekhyun a peace sign. “Our old pal Chanyeol here would just be delighted to help a friend, right old pal?”

Chanyeol drops Jongin and looks up at the ceiling, glaring. “Whatever you aliens did to my friend Kim Jongin, you give him back or I’ll—“

Jongin laughs loudly to drown out Chanyeol’s threat, patting him on the shoulder while smiling at Byun Baekhyun. “He’s so silly, this friend,” Jongin forces a laugh when Chanyeol strikes him on the thigh. “So silly.”

This is how Chanyeol ends up tutoring the object of his affections while simultaneously not trying to plan Kim Jongin’s mysterious disappearance. If he plans it, it’s premeditation and that carries a heavier…ehehe, just kidding.

Chanyeol is dreading the tutoring session only because it will require him to be a liiiittle too close to Baekhyun. It shouldn’t be a problem considering Baekhyun almost got him out of his pants once but with the heat of Baekhyun’s very sober gaze on his face, Chanyeol opens up a borrowed chemistry book and gets to work.

Since he hasn’t taken chemistry in a few years, he tests out his knowledge with a few practice problems, allowing Baekhyun to look over his shoulder.

In theory, it sounded like a good idea.

In practice, it’s nothing but Baekhyun’s breath brushing up against the side of Chanyeol’s neck as leans over him on the table. It’s distracting but Chanyeol lives through it, through he can’t explain his neck flush when Baekhyun asks. Damn his weird body and its random hotspots.

By hour two of the session, Chanyeol discovers Baekhyun knows the topics well enough but isn’t confident enough to think he has the right idea. Because of this, he double checks and triple checks right answers until they seem wrong to him and Chanyeol has to manually wrestle the calculator away from him so he doesn’t cause himself more problems.

“Baekhyun,” Chanyeol says, smiling reassuringly. Baekhyun looks up from his textbook, eyes turned down. “It’s okay,” Chanyeol peeks over at Baekhyun’s answers, nodding with satisfaction. “They’re all right and, even if they weren’t, don’t beat yourself up over it. Everyone makes mistakes.”

“You don’t,” Baekhyun counters. “Not according to Kim Jongin.”

Kim Jongin. Root of everything evil in Chanyeol's life.

“I do too,” Chanyeol insists. “But my mistakes aren’t so academic, they’re more of…life mistakes. This one time, I wandered away from my mom at the supermarket and this guy came up to me and offered me my favorite jelly candies. I swear it’s like he knew who I was and I almost followed him into his car but my mom found me at the last second so—“

“You were almost kidnapped?” Baekhyun is horrified.

Oh shit, did Chanyeol just ruin the mood?

He backtracks. “Kidnapped? Don’t be silly, I, ah, was just almost led astray by, uh, candy so…so now I don’t trust candy anymore! Candy is my enemy!”

Baekhyun’s look is long and contemplative, “You are so weird.”

Chanyeol shrugs, not taking offense. “Yeah but I like to think we’re all weird. My weird is just more obvious than yours.”

“I’ll say.” Baekhyun turns back to work and Chanyeol sags in his chair, rubbing his face. Such a fantastic impression he keeps making on this person he wants to be his boyfriend.

At least he didn’t talk about aliens this time. Jongin said Chanyeol is at his freakiest when he mentions “the visitors.”

“Hey Chanyeol.”

“Yeah?” He looks over a little reluctantly.

“My roommate’s having a party tonight. Want to come over?”

Shit. Say no.

“A party? Uh, I mean, oh sweet. Yeah, I’ll be there. No prob.”

That was not 'no.' That was not even a little no. Goddammit.

Baekhyun nods, a small smile stretching over his lips. “Cool. I’ll see you there then.”

While Baekhyun finishes the last of his problem set, Chanyeol contemplates nuclear fission. Kidding, he actually thinks about this party he’s apparently going to tonight.

Though not a big drinker, he’s been known to take a few shots in social situations. It helps calm his weird. Chanyeol’s prone to spout random facts about the creation of the universe and quarks when he’s nervous so drinking, a depressant, would ease him a bit. He does need to make more friends, especially if Jongin is going to “disappear.”

It’s a good idea but then Chanyeol’s mind rolls into what would happen if he drank a little more than usual. When he drinks, he gets touchy. He tried to kiss Jongin’s roommate one time. He allowed himself to be kissed by one of his TA’s and regretted it for the rest of the semester.

If Baekhyun’s there, well… Chanyeol thinks about kissing him while sober. If Chanyeol were to drink, he would think about kissing him more, or maybe even grow a pair and grab Byun Baekhyun and—



Chanyeol shakes his head. He’s already made out with Baekhyun once when he was drunk. He’s not too sure he wants to try it again so soon.

It happens.

It’s not too surprising, even if Chanyeol does jump a few feet in the air when Baekhyun pulls him over. They’ve both had their fair share of drinks and Chanyeol laughs, loud and boisterous, when Baekhyun grabs his hand and pulls him away from the living room, stumbling in the dark.

Chanyeol’s never been in Baekhyun’s room before. It’s clean and the walls are some color between yellow and white, which is an odd color considering this is a dorm and they should all look the same.

Chanyeol has boring white walls.

What a rip off.

Chanyeol is just about to proclaim he will sue the school until he acquires these peachy walls when Baekhyun kisses him. Baekhyun kisses him hard. He sits Chanyeol on the edge of his bed and joins him, hands dragging into Chanyeol’s hair and holding their mouths together. Baekhyun tastes sweet and it’s only because Chanyeol’s mouth is bitter and burned by numerous alcoholic drinks but Chanyeol likes his taste nonetheless.

The kisses are never-ending from Chanyeol’s point of view and the repetitive, relaxing motion of his lips slanting over Baekhyun’s is starting to make him a bit sleepy.

Just when his mouth starts to slack, Baekhyun pulls Chanyeol down to the bed, ankles locking around Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol pulls away from the kiss, breathless and gasps for some air. Baekhyun, thinking Chanyeol is pulling away, keeps a firm grip on his neck and slowly lures his face back down, lips now trailing down the side of Chanyeol’s neck.

Chanyeol is weird, yes, but drunk Baekhyun is even weirder and so much more touchier than Chanyeol ever pegged him to be. Just a few minutes ago, Baekhyun backed Chanyeol up against the door, despite the rather impressive height difference, and asked Chanyeol if he wanted to see his tattoo.



Byun Baekhyun has a tattoo and it’s not visible anywhere when he wears clothes so it must be somewhere usually covered. All Chanyeol thinks of is the tattoo as Baekhyun sucks hickeys on the underside of his jaw.

“Tattoo,” Chanyeol mutters, running his hands through Baekhyun’s hair.

“What?” Baekhyun picks his head up, touching his lips to Chanyeol’s own.

“Tattoo. Lemme see it.” No, Chanyeol doesn't have fetish for tattoos, shut up.

“Oh,” Baekhyun smirks, sitting up.

Even in his haze, Chanyeol is starting to think this is all a bad idea. Baekhyun unbuttons his shirt and pulls it off to the side, turning to show Chanyeol the ink written on his right shoulder blade. Chanyeol’s breath leaves his hair in a short huff and he raises his hand to brush up against the letters.

Baekhyun hisses.

“What does it mean?” Chanyeol tips forward on the bed, hands landing on Baekhyun’s shoulders to keep himself upright.

“It’s…'andante.' It means ‘moderately slowly’”

There are too many things for Chanyeol to process in this state (like what the hell does 'moderately slowly' even mean?) but his bubbling lips can only say one word.


Baekhyun turns and pulls Chanyeol over, shoving his shirt away. They kiss again and Chanyeol’s hands effortlessly trace down Baekhyun’s sides. Baekhyun shivers in his hold, presses his lips in a more demanding fashion to Chanyeol’s mouth and sweeping his tongue along its insides.

Chanyeol is unsure if this will lead down Strange Yet Interesting Paths he only knows about because the Internet is too interesting to frustrated youth but he knows he doesn’t want to stop. Baekhyun’s skin is soft and the little sound he pushes into Chanyeol’s mouth when Chanyeol unintentionally brushes his hand half way down Baekhyun’s behind is…interesting, to say the least. Chanyeol likes that even more.

Surprisingly enough, Baekhyun is the first to pull away, face flushed.

“Chanyeol,” he says, breathless. He holds Chanyeol’s face level to his and blinks to clear his cloudy gaze. “Chanyeol…”

“That’s me,” Chanyeol replies, voice low. His buzz is wearing off. He almost thinks he can literally feel the cloud of his mind breaking apart under his body’s digestion of his alcohol. Good old pal, the liver, working hard into the night.

“No matter how many times,” Baekhyun says slowly. “No matter how many times you ask me out, I’ll never say yes.”

It’s like a kick to the solar plexus.

Chanyeol’s never had the wind knocked out of him so quickly, not even when his cousin tackled him during a friendly game of football. Not even the fuzz around his entire being can soften a blow so precise.

Still not completely sober, Chanyeol is temporarily speechless but he recovers as best as he can, laughing at bit too loudly for his own ears. “You don’t have to worry about that then,” he says. He keeps the despair out of his voice the best he can. “I won’t do it anymore.”

Baekhyun nods, closing his eyes. “Good. We’ll both be happier this way.”

Chanyeol laughs humorlessly. “I don’t think so but whatever.” He shrugs, “Whatever you want.”   

Getting drunk isn’t like the movies. The hangover is real, the intimate relation one might have with one’s toilet is even realer but the sudden forgetfulness? The memory loss? Not real unless one gets thoroughly and completely shitfaced.

Chanyeol was unfortunately not shitfaced and come Monday morning, he wishes he had been.

Jongin knows something’s up because, by lunch time, Chanyeol hasn’t even tried to make any references to magic or mind control and when Jongin sees he's still sulking, he's had enough.

“Alright, buddy, you’re going to spill and you’re going to spill well.”

Chanyeol looks over to him, “What?”

“What’s up? What happened at the party? Why are you a walking shell of my best friend?” Frowning, Jongin looks up and shakes his fist at the ceiling. “Who are you and what have you done to him, visitors?!”

The action doesn’t even make Chanyeol smile. Now Jongin is really worried.

“He just told me I shouldn’t ask him out anymore. That’s all.”

“That’s all?” Jongin doesn’t believe it for a second. “That’s all, huh? So, uh, just why are you wearing a turtle neck in this weather?”

Chanyeol touches his clothed neck self consciously, “….I have Cold Neck Syndrome. It’s very rare and very embarrassing so please don’t make fun of me for it.”

Chanyeol’s acting is convincing enough for Jongin to feel a bit sad but then he remembers Chanyeol can lie about the sky being blue and people will believe him because people always believe Chanyeol. He might actually be the alien here.

“Likely story,” Jongin brushes him off. “How many?”

“How many what?”

“Heads do you have,” Jongin deadpans. “Hickeys, Yeol. How many? Big?”

“…Not at a lot,” Chanyeol says, playing around with the food on his plate. Jongin thinks he’s trying to reconstruct the Great Wall of China using only ravioli. “But they’re big, I guess. I don’t know. I’ve never had any before.”

“Wait,” Jongin frowns. “Wait, so he kissed the shit out of you and then told you not to ask him out anymore?”

“That’s basically what happened, yeah. Now that it’s over, let’s not talk about it again and hope I drink enough the next time I’m out that a few of my memory brain cells are eaten up by the alcohol particles.”

“That’s not how memory works and you know it.”

Chanyeol hangs his head, “What the hell.” He pulls on his already frizzy hair, frustrated. “Jongin, is this what rejection feels like? It sucks. I can’t eat. I feel so embarrassed. I want to take it all back but…when I see him, it doesn’t even matter. When I see him, it’s like nothing’s changed.”

“You saw him today?”

“Yeah, he…smiled at me. It was nice.”

It was a good smile. It felt honest. It made Chanyeol forget what he was told and he started to foolishly hope again that maybe Baekhyun liked him back. It was only when Baekhyun disappeared from his sight that Chanyeol remembered.  

Baekhyun sits with them at dinner and Chanyeol makes up for his painful thoughts by being as loud and “happy” as possible. He knows it’s not working too well when Jongin kicks him under the table and glares.

Maybe Chanyeol shouldn’t have brought up that one time in secondary school when Jongin ran into the girl’s bathroom and was kicked out by a scared first year.

Baekhyun acts as disinterested as he always does when conversations aren’t about music.

Chanyeol feels like he’s about to crack. He doesn’t know what else to say, how to draw Baekhyun out and he’s not sure he wants to at this point. Jongin told him the best thing for the both of them is to let it go and pretend the crush never happened.

Chanyeol’s creepy brain doesn’t let that happen.

Somehow it narrows in on the way Baekhyun holds his chopsticks and the small dot of soy sauce clinging to the side of his mouth. Creepy brain has enlisted the help of creepy eyes and Chanyeol physically holds his face so he doesn’t turn. Baekhyun is sitting right next to him after all.

“So Chanyeol,” Jongin starts, still glaring.

Chanyeol is on instant alert. Whenever Jongin looks like that and starts sentences with ‘So Chanyeol,’ the gates of Hell open and a very tiny, very evil bat whispers dirty everythings into Jongin’s elf ears. Chanyeol is tense as he waits for whatever is coming.

"Ready for your date tonight?”

“My what—“ Chanyeol's voice almost cracks.

Jongin kicks him under the table.

Chanyeol winces and nods to cover it, going along with the lie. “Ahaha, of course. My date. How could I forget.”

Baekhyun looks alive for the first time all evening, “You have a date?”

“He sure does,” Jongin smiles.

Chanyeol should invest some time in teaching Jongin not to interrupt people when they speak.

“With who?” Baekhyun asks.

Chanyeol stares at Jongin, eyes panicked. Jongin laughs but Chanyeol sees his eyes furiously scanning the dining area. When Jongin suddenly shouts, “Kris!” Chanyeol almost tips back in his chair.


Of all people?

Kris stalks up to the table (because Chanyeol is fully convinced this Kris is some kind of predator from another dimension and all of his actions are animal-like) and looks down at them, quirking a brow. “You called me?”

Leave it to Jongin to pick the Chinese Canadian exchange student, of all people. Kris was Chanyeol’s lab partner a few months ago but they only know each other casually. There is no way Kris will go along with this, not when Baekhyun suddenly looks too interested in the conversation.

“Chanyeol is really excited for your date tonight.”

Chanyeol crosses all of fingers, his legs and attempts to cross his toes as he waits for Kris to reply.

Kris looks over to him, confused, and Chanyeol can’t nod and make him go along with it because Baekhyun is this fucking close and he’s staring right at his face and—

“Ah, our date,” Kris says, smiling. The transformation of his face from cold and thunderous to warm but still thunderous (and a little feral because, you know, creature from another dimension and all) is astounding and Jongin laughs, relieved.

Chanyeol nods and exhales, unaware to his right Baekhyun has stilled almost completely and stares at Kris.

“Is there a problem?” Kris asks Baekhyun.

“What? Problem? Of course not!” Chanyeol grins. “Problems? We don’t have any of those! We never have problems. Problems are for the weak!”

The funny thing about Kris is, even if he looks so intimidating, he has a soft spot for Chanyeol’s weird and Chanyeol knows how to exploit this mercilessly. When Kris walks away from the table chuckling, Chanyeol knows he’s just scored another point in the Weird But Okay Mental Chart.

A little while later, Baekhyun wordlessly walks away from the table, dumping his entire tray into a nearby trashcan. Chanyeol watches him, face somber.

“Don’t think about it,” Jongin pulls on Chanyeol’s nose.

Chanyeol flails and tries to push him away, accidentally smacking Jongin in the face.

He deserves that.  

When Chanyeol opens the door to his dorm in his pajama bottoms and school sweat shirt, he’s surprised to find Kris there, waiting for him.

“Kris…” Chanyeol starts off, scratching behind his ear. “You know…we don’t actually have a date, you know? Maybe you don’t know. Well, we don’t. I think. No. We don’t.”

“I know,” Kris says. He looks amused.

Chanyeol looks down to make sure he’s wearing pants. He is. Okay, now he doesn’t understand why Kris looks like that.

“Are you going to let me in or can we take a walk?”

Chanyeol doesn’t bother to hide his confusion and looks around the hall to make sure this isn’t some kind of prank. “I guess we can take a walk….”

Chanyeol is still suspicious but Kris is nice and he’s never said or done anything creepy to Chanyeol in the past. That’s more than can ever be said for Kim Jongin.

He feels weird walking next to Kris, who looks like he just came from some sort of sports practice, but their silent walk is comforting. Kris isn’t much of a talker and Chanyeol is too much of a talker but he doesn’t want to ruin the comfortable mood.

“So do you like Korea so far?” Chanyeol asks when they are nearing the theater in the middle of campus.

“I do,” Kris says. “I like it a lot. I’m very happy here, though I wish my family were closer.”

“Ah,” Chanyeol nods. “I see. Well, if you’re ever feeling lonely, just come stop by my dorm. I live alone so I’ve gotten used to the loneliness. It’s not so bad after a while.”

Kris snorts, “That is singlehandedly the most depressing thing I’ve heard all day.”

“Only all day?” Chanyeol tsks at himself. “I must be losing my touch.” He looks up at stops when he sees the name of the rounded theater written in Hanja. He only knows it’s the theater because it has ‘theater’ in the name; he’s never been here before. “Is there a show going on or something?” Chanyeol follows Kris up the steps.

“Or something,” Kris intones mysteriously.

Chanyeol’s suspicion is back full force, body on supreme alert.

“Give me some credit,” Kris smirks when he turns and finds Chanyeol staring a hole into his face. “You’ll thank me for this later.”

“As long as you let the cops find my body in one piece.” Kris snorts again and shakes his head, sighing. He doesn’t push open the front doors as Chanyeol thought he would.

Rather, he motions for Chanyeol to be quiet and pulls him to a sketchy, side entrance, complete with English-looking graffiti. When they emerge, they’re backstage and right away, Chanyeol hears a piano being played and a voice that carries over the sound, drowning out everything else.


Kris bops Chanyeol on the head and silently tells him to hush, pulling him closer to the stage via one of the wings. A man is hunched over the piano, shaking his head sadly as he sings an English song Chanyeol’s never heard of. The figure is a bit familiar and so is the voice but it doesn’t quite hit him until Kris hits him.


Kris stands behind Chanyeol and pushes him out with such force Chanyeol screeches and stumbles onto the stage, upsetting the singer and causing him to press down errant notes.

It’s Baekhyun.


Baekhyun rears back in his seat, “Ch-Chanyeol? What are you doing here?”

Chanyeol looks to the wing, “Kris brought—“

Kris has disappeared.

Chanyeol rubs his arms to rid himself of a sudden chill, freaked out.

If Kris is from one of the evil dimensions, they’re all doomed.

“Kris?” Baekhyun sneers. “He brought you here? Why? So you can laugh at me together?”

“Laugh? What? He’s not even here anymore—“

“So why are you still here?” Baekhyun’s voice quickly takes on an offensive tone; his body radiates hidden tension. He looks like he wants to pounce and beat Chanyeol’s head against the floor.

Chanyeol takes a step back as a precaution. “I want to be here,” he says, voice firm. “Is that a problem?”

“Yes. You’re not allowed to be in here. Didn’t you see the sign? No science geeks allowed.”

“Was it written in twitchy, music major language? Because you know I can’t read that.”

They’re at a stand still.

Chanyeol hates stand stills and he’s the first to walk forward. “Why are you acting like this? You’re the one who said you didn’t want me asking you out anymore. I haven’t, right? I’ve done what you said…right?”

Baekhyun takes a breath and angles his body back to the piano, suddenly playing.

“Hey,” Chanyeol says louder. “Hey, don’t ignore me!”

“Shut up and sit down.” Baekhyun scoots over, avoiding Chanyeol’s eyes.

“Are you sure science geeks are allowed to sit down or will my body just pass through the bench and fall—“

Baekhyun finally turns to him, glaring. He’s a bit flushed and pissed and Chanyeol likes his head very much thank you, so he decides to go quietly.

At least this time.

He sits and Baekhyun begins to play something else, fingers moving expertly over the keys. Chanyeol stares down at Baekhyun’s hands and is a little surprised when Baekhyun starts singing, throwing his head back as he belts notes Chanyeol’s only heard on the radio.

After a little warm up, Baekyun takes a deep breath and speaks. “I come here a lot when I don’t want to think. Physics is easy for you, right? You do it without thinking? Music is like that for me. But I know, when the thought of someone interrupts my music…” Baekhyun smiles.

Chanyeol leans in as far as he can without being Creepy.

“When someone interrupts my music, they must be someone important. Not just anyone can pull me away from all this.”

“And,” Chanyeol chooses his words carefully. “Who pulled you away?”

Baekhyun’s smile widens, “I think he’s an alien. He’s so fucking weird, the things he says and does but no, he’s not weird. He’s a genius. I’m a little annoyed at how…quickly he’s taken over my thoughts but I can’t ignore him anymore. It’s not fair.”

Chanyeol feels envy bubble in his gut. Who the hell could it be?! Seriously, who the hell is weirder than Chanyeol?

“But I don’t think I’m good enough for him,” Baekhyun continues. “This is such a stupid thing to say, I know.” He continues playing, dropping his eyes to his hands. “He’s amazing and I’m just…ordinary? Ordinary and amazing don’t go together so I tried to push him away. Having his attention on me was great but…what could I offer him? I’m a pretty boring person and it seems like he never stops thinking. Then someone else came along and they fit him better. They’re interesting too. So why was I upset? I did this. If I lost him, it was my fault.”

Baekhyun stops playing abruptly, shoulders sagging. “How the hell did he know I was here—“ he mutters, rubbing his face. “Bastard.”

“Who is it?” Chanyeol asks after a beat.

Baekhyun drops his hand from his face, “Who is what?”

“Who’s…the person in your thoughts?”

Baekhyun stares at him, “Are you…serious?”

“Is it supposed to be obvious…?”

Baekhyun bursts out into laughter, nearly slipping off the piano bench with his mirth. He laughs until Chanyeol thinks he’s about to cry and then Chanyeol starts to shut him up because this is getting to be a little too embarrassing.

“So fucking weird,” Baekhyun grins. Looking down, he sees Chanyeol’s right hand on the bench, clenched into a fist. Shaking his head, Baekhyun pokes the back of his hand and smiles. He only knows Chanyeol understands when his eyes grow wide.

“But you said—“ Chanyeol protests.

“I know,” Baekhyun says, face palming. “I know what I said. I don’t think you’ll be happy with me, Chanyeol. I’m just a boring person but I do…you.” He flushes and clears his throat, pulling at his collar.

“You….me?” Chanyeol teases, raising a brow.

Baekhyun flushes even more, “You know what I mean."

"Good because too but I guess you already knew that by now. I don't care if you think you're boring. You're interesting to me, very interesting."

"I' for a long time now," Baekhyun is embarrassed. Chanyeol is too so he laughs at himself, at them as a unit. They can't even get the words out.

Such buckets of fail they are.

His laughter slowls to a stop when Baekhyun continues. "Why else would I have invited you to that party?”

Chanyeol's eyebrows disappear into his hair, eyes shining. “…Was it to make out?”

Baekhyun has the decency to look a little ashamed. “Uh, well, it didn’t start off that way but um—“

“So weird,” Chanyeol says, smiling. “See? You’re not boring. You’re weird too. Everyone is weird.”

“Not weird like you, I don’t think I’ll ever be used to half the things you say.”

With a playful shrug, Chanyeol laughs, “You want two of me in this world? I think we would rip a hole in the space time continuum.”

When they kiss, Chanyeol secretly hopes Kris isn’t watching from wherever he is. He doesn’t want people from the evil dimension to find out about his new relationship.      

The third time Jongin almost walks in on them, he shrieks, grabs his notebook and wallops Chanyeol on the back of the head.

Chanyeol, who had been furiously making out with his new boyfriend, tips forward and accidently bites Baekhyun, who flails and tries to push him off before his tongue is cut in half.


“Not so loud,” Chanyeol groans, burying his head in Baekhyun’s chest. “Don’t let the Mole people hear you or they’ll attack.”

Baekhyun laughs, hands smoothing down Chanyeol’s hair as a light flush dusts across his cheeks.

A very angry vein throbs above Jongin’s right away and he storms out of the room, yelling, “WEIRD” out into the hallway.

“He’ll be back,” Chanyeol promises, grabbing Baekhyun’s chin to pull him down for a kiss.

“You want him to see all this?” Baekhyun asks.

“Well, not ‘back’ as in right away. This isn’t a free show, boyfriend. You have to pay in emotional anguish and kisses in order to participate in this fine sport of—“

Baekhyun quiets him with a tongue in his mouth.

Chanyeol can get used to this.

More please.
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